Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bucket mouse traps & why some don't work!!

Hello Readers,

I am getting a lot of comments from users of home made bucket mouse traps about their traps not catching mice.  I will make a few observations and suggestions to those making their own.

First off,  All most all of the videos I have watched and directions I have read have the roller mechanism too high.  It needs to be down in the bucket a ways so mice cannot jump off it and get back to the bucket rim.  Mice can walk the coat hanger wire so many would be victims live to warn their buddies and family members and teach them how to get a good meal.  Whatever you use for a roller, be sure to bait just the middle area.  Be sure to have the ramp perpendicular to the roller and the end within an inch or so past the bucket rim.  The mouse has to jump to the roller to have this principle work.  If the mouse won't jump or decides instead to walk the wire, this type of trap will not catch that mouse.

It is important to have the roller move easily and the holes should be very close to the center of whatever you are using for a roller so that the roller is balanced. I would suggest some sort of a stop on each side of the roller to keep it in the middle of the bucket; a couple of wire sized washers on each side of the roller (an 1/8" to 1/4" from the roller) and a little tape or glue on the outermost washer to keep it in place on the wire.  If the wire is not level, the roller will works its way to the low side and without a stop will get up against the bucket and quit being a roller.

Any trap with moving parts is going to spook some mice and you will not eliminate them all. You will probably catch the first one, and maybe the second one, but from then on many will be wary.  The tipping platform traps fail to catch a lot of mice because as the trap starts to move, a wary mouse will back up.

Now for the sales pitch:  The ISS (It's So Simple) mouse bucket trap is designed to catch them all and does catch them all.  There are no moving parts and nothing about it will scare the mice or make they wary.  By changing the bait and what you use for bait, they never become ineffective.  Once the mouse goes for the bait, it is caught and there are no escapees or close calls,  no reports back to friends and family.  I have caught up to six per night and know of people who have caught up to ten.

Good luck in eliminating your mouse population.