Saturday, October 27, 2012

Past time to say more about the ISS mouse trap & how to get rid of a mouse population

I hate to be redundant and repeat myself post after post, but Google thinks more said is better so I will say more.  The ISS (It's So Simple) mouse trap is about as good as you can get for eliminating a mouse or rat population.  There are no moving parts, the bait lasts for quite a while as nothing usually gets to the bait, and you get good bang for your bucks.

Use a high aroma bait (your choices are almost endless because just about anything can be put in the ISS mouse trap's bait holder) and the ISS mouse trap most any where.  For lethal use, checking weekly or even monthly (or more) is adequate because all the urine, feces, carcass, etc. are contained in the bucket and submerged in the liquid (use more liquid if trap will be untended for long periods).  RV antifreeze which is potable, salt water, maybe even beer can be used in freezing environments.  I have never tried it, but I bet beer would be a good bait.  Can you think of a better thing to drown in (I've heard that lots of people drown their sorrows with a bucket of beer)?

Only the bucket traps using a liquid (and the ISS (It's So Simple) mouse trap is the best bucket trap) really contain and prevent the spread of Hantavirus.  Hantivirus spreads when things dry out and become airborne which they cannot do if submerged in a liquid.

Economy, effectiveness and ease of use make the ISS (It's So Simple) mouse trap the best choice when you have rodents to get rid of. or